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Open Business - But Selective About Clients & Jobs

Yes I am open for business again but my 77yo mom lives with me and I work maintain two properties in Beverly that house 197 seniors so I am selective about clients and jobs. I am not putting those around me at risk for a job. I practice social distancing and wear a mask. I expect all of my clients to do that as well. I am okay being inside if I can be left alone in a room to complete the task(s) at hand. Best way to contact me is via email. Send my your TO DO list along with your full name, cell# and address.

I work FT and do my services after 5pm and one weekends. I prefer the 2-4 hr job, not the 2-4 day job.

Thanks for understand and stay safe and healthy,


Rebecca Borden

Owner, Cape Ann Handywoman LLC

C: 202-329-9549


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