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Leaky Toilet = Rotten Floor

Amy had a bad leak in her kitchen ceiling. It turned out that her old toilet had been leaking for years. I had to cut out around the old toilet flange and then rebuild with new foundation, always making sure the new build was the same height as the existing floor.

Because Amy's bathroom linoleum flooring dated back to the 50's/60's I recommended putting in some vinyl plank flooring as an upgrade. She was planning on this anyway and, since the toilet was already out, it was a perfect time to get it all done at once. I really like this new vinyl plank flooring and have worked with it on several job sites.

Amy bought all the supplies and even ran "go-fer" errands for me while working this job; as such she saved her self a lot of money. My time is money.

$200 Labor. Supplies + new toilet provided by Amy with my recommendations.

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