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Kitchen Face Lift

Kathy's kitchen needed a face lift, something cosmetic to brighten and freshen her dark kitchen. Because she had a dark orange color on her walls, I had to prime them before painting them with two coats of her new color. Then she hired me to tile under her cabinets with white subway tiles which she got at Home Depot (I call it "Home Cheap-o"). The painting took one weekend and the tiling took another weekend but the results are spectacular! I was very proud of my detailed cuts to the tile around the window trim. Her husband really helped with dealing with the electrical boxes because I don't do electrical.

They are happy to finally move back into their kitchen.

Important to note: I only do small tile jobs but they still are a lot of work.

Kudos to: Stephanie Palazola O'Neil for selecting all the colors and to Jennifer Curcuru Fernandes for linking all of us together!

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