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Bathroom Upgrade & How Projects Grow

Sarah hired me to help with some "mushy" tiles next to the bath at the new condo she bought. It turned out the subfloor was rotted and molded so we started by tearing up the old tiles. Working together, we learned the old tile went under the vanity so that needed to get pulled and why not replaced that nasty thing too...and a new medicine cabinet, which requires installing a separate light. I've done several bath upgrades for myself and they are never easy or simple - but I am proud my plumbing skills have come far enough that I could install this fancy new vanity. Flooring was easy but the sub-flooring required special attention. Tomorrow I need to finish the baseboards, caulk the trim, install the medicine cabinet and hang the bathroom door.

This project definitely grew more than what both Sarah and I expected but if you're going there, you gotta get it done and done right. No?

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