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Tile Exactitude

I love doing tile work, especially small jobs like replacing the tile in this bay window. BUT I had little room for error as my client purchased a box with 4 high end tiles for a job that needed 3 of them. And my client wanted those 3 arranged a particular way. And she wanted them with out a grout joint. I had one shot to cut each tile to fit as exactly as possible. First I created a paper template, then I made a cardboard template but then I learned I couldn't mark the top of the tiles because I think they had a coating of glass. So I ended up marking and cutting them upside down, free hand on my wet saw! It was nerve racking {to say the least} and I couldn't be prouder of my skills and knowledge to met my clients exacting standards - we're talking 1/32 or 1/64 margins off here.

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