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Painting a Ceiling After a Full Kitchen Renovation

Sarah and Jason did a complete build out and renovation of their kitchen. And it's awesome. But they left their old paneled ceiling in place and their carpenter framed in the new support beam. I came on site after all the major piece$$$ were in place (new cabs, appliances, marble counter tops, etc) to paint that ceiling. And they have teenagers and a dog! I told them they had to leave the house for at least 4 hours. I could not work with anyone or anything getting into my work zone. They understood.

I draped plastic wrap with it's own tape over all the new cabinets and appliances. I further taped down plastic sheeting on their newly tiled floor and I placed drop cloths on top of the plastic because, well, wet paint doesn't get absorbed by plastic but it does by canvas.

LABOR: $120 = 4 hrs @ $30

SUPPLIES: $50 = Color changing ceiling paint, tape w plastic

TOTAL = $170 + I could sleep knowing I didn't splatter their new kitchen with ceiling paint.

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