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Restoring Old Wood Doors

I have great passion and respect for items built from exquisite wood - like Walnut (my personal favorite), Mahogany and Teak. I recently had the chance to work on a project that brought old weathered woods back to their full glory.

Forbes Condo Association on Washington Street has 5 exterior doors that were stained pathetically and needed help. I sanded them down and stained them with my favorite pure oil stain: Cabot Gold - Sunrise Walnut. I further sealed them with Spar Varnish in satin because these doors get so much full sun.

Ester, a resident, called me a few days later about how her heart leaps every time she opens the doors because they are so glorious. I love that I can do this small project to help her and other Forbes Condo residents make their homes feel like mansions.

LABOR: $500 @ $100/door = sand, stain and seal with mullions SUPPLIES: $100 = Cabot Gold, Spar Varnish, 10 pks of sanding pads

Left: Original stained Door Right: Sanded, unfinished door

Left: Door stained with Cabot Gold Right: Sanded, unfinished door

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