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Restoring old walls - custom plastering

Karen needed some help bringing an old room back to it's ole glory. She took care of taking down the old wallpaper, only to find that an old door door had been filled within the walls. I re-plastered all those walls with two skim coats of joint compound, primed and painted them with her colors. From the first time I applied the plaster, Karen saw with glee, in her mind's eye, how the room was being transformed. She kept checking and visiting the room as I worked over a week-long period. When it came to the last step - painting the walls and trim with her colors - I made her wait until I was completely done before giving her "The Great Reveal." Karen's expression of joy, awe and appreciation was priceless. It's why I love what I do. LABOR: 9 hours over 5 days @ $30/hr = $270 SUPPLIES: Karen bought everything but I'd estimate as follows for another client with a 12x12 room: $20 large bucket of mud, $15 1gal primer, $10 caulk, $40 1gal wall paint and $20 1qt trim paint, $15 misc (sanders, masks, etc) = $100. TOTAL: $370 Karen paid a small price to see how her old old house could look and feel new again.

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