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Helping a Senior Couple "Age in Place"

I work with seniors as part of my fulltime job as a Facility Manager for two properties for low income elderly/disabled in Rockport [Pigeon Cove Ledges and Rockport High School Apartments] through Harborlight Community Partners - great company BTW.

I do my Cape Ann Handywoman stuff on the side. But sometimes there is crossover and cross backs.

Cecile and her husband want to "age in place" - meaning they don't want to go into assisted living but be as independent for as long as possible. I get it because I am around it all day long.

They needed a grab bar installed in the bathroom to be able to safely get in and out of the bathtub. That small handle was not going to be enough.


I know there are many other people who need help "Aging in Place." Good thing I know I thing or two about that!

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