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Before & After: Plaster, Prime & Paint (repeat)

So Tom called me the other week to help him out with his most detested DIY task: plaster work. But Tom is also a DIY weekend warrior, and one on a mission because he needs to get his property ready for rental April 1. Lucky for me he installed the sheet-rock like an expert with all the screws dimpled and the seams were aligned (except {a'hem} BJ's wall).

After I installed the corners on the sheetrook, I taped, plastered, sanded and plastered and sanded until all joint lines in the ceiling and walls were gone. Paint is all about preparation.

Over the weekend I primed all the ceiling and walls, and then painted them all with two coats of the color.

Because I taped and plastered the ceiling seams to clean, cutting in the color by hand was as easy and steady as following a car in heavy traffic.

LABOR: 24 hrs @ $30 = $720 + SUPPLIES: $150 = TOTAL $870

Even the greatest DIY Dad needs some help and I am glad he asked for mine!

How can I help take care of those home improvement projects you dread?

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