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Replacing Rot in Bulkhead with KOMA

I helped Linda rescue her bulkhead before it got too worse. I ripped out the rotted jams and removed the rusted hinges on the bulkhead doors and jams. I replaced them with Koma trim (Koma is a PVC, or hard plastic, board that cannot rot; it also doesn't need to be primed before painting). I installed them with stainless steel screws, and new hinges. I added a break board to ensure the door doesn't flop open from left over wood - an added a hook-n-eye clasp to keep the other door sopen and "not bang on her head."

I also cleaned her gutters and installed a Gutter Guard cover them to make sure the leaves would not clog them again.

COST: $80 labor | $80 supplies = $160 TOTAL

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