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I specialize in the 2-4 hour job, not the 2-4 day job. When you need a small fix, quick install, hanging that mirror or help finishing that project, I am there to help. I like to do the little jobs contractors won't touch because it's not worth their time.

Well, it's worth mine!

I also really enjoy teaching my clients how to do this work on their own and pass along the tips and tricks I've learned along the way.

Why are my handtools pink?

I paint them pink for two reasons: I can find my tools quickly on a job site, and 90% of guys won't pick up a pink hand tool.


I got tools & I know how to use 'em:

  • Repair, patch & paint walls

  • Window glass repair

  • Plaster, prime & paint walls

  • Hanging heavy pieces on walls (mirrors, artwork, etc)

  • Rebuilding deck steps or stairs

  • Small tile repair and installation

  • Small landscaping jobs (chainsaw  & arbor-work, etc)

  • Small plumbing repairs (new toilet, running toilet, switch a faucet)

I am NOT your Handywoman for:

  • Electrical work (other than change a simple fixture).

  • Plumbing installation

  • Job with heavy lifting or requires two people. I work solo and will only carry up to 50lbs.


Right now, I am only able to work nights (after 5pm) and weekends.

  • Basic: $40/hr

  • Skilled: $60/hr

  • Expert: $80/hr

You're paying me for my skills to complete the project - start to finish -  which can entail running for supplies, loading and unloading my vehicle with the tools necessary to complete the job. Sometimes I quote a whole job based upon my track record completing it.

* Supply costs are above and beyond these rates or quotes.

What time is it on the clock image?
It's a clue to how my mind works differently, which is to your benefit. Trust me.



You could say I've been preparing to be a Handywoman for over 20-years. I was raised by a single mother who instilled in me the strong ethic of being an independent woman. When I bought my first fixer-upper in Kittery ME (1996), I had my brother, who worked for a general contractor, show me how to cut and hang sheetrock and tape it with mud (aka Joint Compound). And I was hooked. I borrowed a circa-1980 Makita miter saw and I was off!

Since then, I've bought three fixer-uppers, and sold two of them.

You may recognize me because I worked Smith Ace (Rockport) and Hometown Ace (Gloucester) the last few years.
Now I am working on branching out on my own.

If you follow GoodMorningGloucester (GMG), I was the FOB who secretly built and hand-painted this GMG sign. And Cape Ann Handywoman was featured in the first 10min of this GMG GloucesterCast (10/30/16).




Cape Ann Handywoman |
Call me. Contact me. Free Quotes

Rebecca Borden

East Gloucester, MA 01930

cape ann handy woman AT gmail

Cell: 202-329-9549

I am available after 5pm weekdays and on weekends.
I am interested in the 2-4 hr odd job or small job.

I am not interested in the 2-4 day job.

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