Amazing Backsplash with Amazing Tilework

I found this amazing tile at Cape Ann Flooring. Each piece is 20" x 40." I had an electrician move all the wall outlets to under the cabinets because I knew if I cut the tile to accommodate them, it would ruin the overall effect. The last photo shows how the tile has 3D waves in them - how cool is that! I *highly* recommend going to Cape Ann Flooring - they have a vast selection of tiles to explore. Open by appointment. Excellent service.

Almost there!

My mom Dot & I operate a vacation rental out of our home. Our pool is a big online draw for guests to choose to book with us. But the algae got away from me the end of the season. After 20yrs, we decided it was overdue to be drained and power-washed, along with some other patches to the floor and updates to the pool deck. Here's to next summer!

Fixing a Really Bad Drain

This is what can happen when you don't pay attention to a leak under your sink. I think this sink drain/basket was never installed correctly and rusted over time to the point it was useless.

Hanging a Monster Mirror

Muffy White Organizing and Styling hired me to hang a 100# mirror in an entryway of a Manchester mansion. It was a beast. I found 3 studs and anchored a bracket to the wall. The mirror had a track on the back to sit on the bracket. A lot of people hire me to hang artwork because I am very good at it. It takes a lot of know-how and measuring to get the desired result.

Back Stair Upgrade

Peg's old stair treads were at the end of their life. Instead of painting them, I recommended that they needed to be replaced. Peg is thrilled with her new back steps! I told her the new fir wood needed to season before they could be sealed. She decided she wanted them to naturally weather over time. $100 supplies $120 labor - 2hrs @ $60.

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