Tile Exactitude

I love doing tile work, especially small jobs like replacing the tile in this bay window. BUT I had little room for error as my client purchased a box with 4 high end tiles for a job that needed 3 of them. And my client wanted those 3 arranged a particular way. And she wanted them with out a grout joint. I had one shot to cut each tile to fit as exactly as possible. First I created a paper template, then I made a cardboard template but then I learned I couldn't mark the top of the tiles because I think they had a coating of glass. So I ended up marking and cutting them upside down, free hand on my wet saw! It was nerve racking {to say the least} and I couldn't be prouder of my skills and kno

Removing a Cat Door

Open disclosure: I am totally 100% a dog person. Cats have staff and dogs have owners. Karen needed to get rid of her old cat door. I had to rebuild the "Boston board" tongue and grove paneling on the interior with some creative wood filling but I ended using another product to smooth out this job. Luckily Karen had some spare red cedar shingles and made the exterior pretty again. Karen agreed to do all painting.

Rebuilding the Back Staircase

I have been rebuilding our back stair case for almost three years now. I've been doing it in stages, one part at a time. Structurally it's fine; it's just that the wood was never sealed and was very dry, weathered and weak. I confess I wouldn't know how to build these stairs from scratch (look at all those angles!), but I do know how to follow the work that was done, removing components and using them as templates to build new ones. I am glad this project is finally completed so I can move on to redoing the tile in my bathroom.

Refurb-ing a Boat Roof

I don't own a boat but I love being on the water. I know the maintenance of a boat takes its toll on many levels, especially the pocket book. When Capt Steve Douglas of Cape Ann Harbor Tours asked me if I could help him with his boat, I stepped up. It was a raw April day and I sanded it down with my trusted DeWalt random-orbital palm sander (hook&loop discs are soooo quick and easy to swap out). My 6-1 scraper did the rest - one of my favorite tools! 2hrs TOTAL - bow to stern. I'll go back and apply a 2nd coat once things dry out from the rain .

Repairing a Pebble Floor

I love the idea of a stone pebble floor but I've worked on enough of them to know they are just way too problematic. It's really hard to get enough cement (thin-set) around the stones to ensure each one sticks. But you can't really grout because you need the cement to cover all the cracks and fills the joints. And they still pop off! To say nothing about keeping the floor white and clean (not going to happen BTW). This elderly client fixed and filled her floor on her own (bless her heart!). She was quoted $3000 for a complete replacement and repair. Then she called me. I did the job for $120 (2hrs/$60) - thankfully she saved her pebbles!

Adding Curb Appeal to Duplex for Sale

Realtors and sellers have found out about me - which is a blessing and a curse. These sellers wanted more curb appeal but it was March and we had Nor'Easters every week. It needs to be over 40-degrees to paint, let alone power wash a fire escape! Otherwise it would have been a bobsled course; and me, an icicle. I got there when I could, weather permitting. Alas, this property had been neglected by tenants and owners for *years*. I did my best to give her some love and attention. What do you think? Better curb appeal?

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