Amazing Views and Amazing Properties

I confess, I am humbled by some of the houses I go to help owners on small fix, paint, build or repair jobs. These customers appreciate the quality, speed & precision of my work. And I get to take a moment to enjoy the view from their property too. Yesterday's job from Rogers Family off Dock Square in Rockport gave me pause. How could I not take this pic from their window? It paled in comparison to the pics I took of their interior painting job - but it kept me inspired the whole time. Thank you for reminding me to step back and appreciate the small treasures while I work on your treasured property.

Refinishing Barn Doors in West Glosta

Stacy & Bill have a house that gets tons of summer sun and winter weather and well, it's has been taking a toll on their custom made garage/barn doors, which are super gorgeous. I went through 45 sanding discs and used my Dremel sander to get the finer details clean. After I wiped them down with a wet rag, I sealed them with some spar varnish. It will take 3 coats to get these lovely ladies fully sealed and protected from the UV light and changes in temp/weather. I am working on another door and window at the same time but I haven't documented them like these beauties. LABOR: 7hrs (to date) @ $30 ($210) + 2 more coats ($60) = $270 SUPPLIES: Sanding discs, brush and clear Levex Caulking = $3

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