Helping a Senior Couple "Age in Place"

I work with seniors as part of my fulltime job as a Facility Manager for two properties for low income elderly/disabled in Rockport [Pigeon Cove Ledges and Rockport High School Apartments] through Harborlight Community Partners - great company BTW. I do my Cape Ann Handywoman stuff on the side. But sometimes there is crossover and cross backs. Cecile and her husband want to "age in place" - meaning they don't want to go into assisted living but be as independent for as long as possible. I get it because I am around it all day long. They needed a grab bar installed in the bathroom to be able to safely get in and out of the bathtub. That small handle was not going to be enough. LABOR: $40 SU

Before & After: Raised Vegetable Beds

Sally wanted to move from gardening in small containers to growing her vegetables into two 4'x8' raised beds. She saw this video from This Old House and wanted something exactly like it. Together we worked out a supply list and she got her lumber cut, ordered and delivered from Smith Ace Hardware. She got a load of 2 cubic yards of soils from Marshall's Farm Stand dumped in her driveway. I built the beds and reinforced them with metal straps. I also loaded all the soil and mixed the peat moss into the boxes. Sally wanted them filled to the top and she ordered the perfect amount of soils. LABOR: 3hrs @ $50 = $150 SUPPLIES: client got everything Saving your back by hiring Cape Ann Handywoman

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