Appliance Removal

It sucks when you realize the house you bought years ago had the washer and drawer built into the room. You need helping taking them apart so the parts can fit through the 23" doorway. I love taking things apart, especially when I don't have to put them back together again! Labor 2 hrs @ $30/hr = $60. Aria and John are now able to move onto the next phase of remodeling this room!

Arbor Work aka Chainsaw Therapy

Last weekend I helped my client take down an old over grown honeysuckle shrub. She wanted it down for years. It took some time to remove it from the bittersweet overgrowth and other invasive plants that took root under it. Dash, my black Lab puppy with the orange blaze, was an excellent helper $60/hr x 3 hrs = $180 Expanding one's private view of Gloucester's inner harbor = PRICELESS

Light Carpentry

I framed and sheet-rocked around the plumbing in this ceiling so I could install an access panel in case this client get a leak or clog in the future. Labor $45 | Supplies $20 What problem project do you need help with a work-around like this one?

Before & After: Re-Caulking the Tub

It's a nasty task but I am excellent at it! I Remove all the old caulk, bleach out the yucky mold, dry with a blow-dryer and apply 100% silicone white caulk. Let cure for at least 12 hrs before using the shower again Labor $30. Supplies $10 Feeling clean in your clean tub? Priceles

Before and After: New Steps to a Deck

James and Anna were inspired by my previous post about my returning client. They contacted me yesterday. Being New Years weekend, I told them had some extra time on my hands. Today I took down their broken steps and built new ones from pressure treated lumber -better than before. The whole job took less than 4 hours. Is there a job that you've been putting off too long too? Labor $150 + Supplies $150 = $300 TOTAL

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